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Glorifying God by engaging the faith community
acting as the body of Christ
to demonstrate Christ's love by caring for and assisting the homeless and poor.

A Ministry of the Broken for the Broken

About Mean Street

Mean Street Ministry is a work of God born out of need; a need to meet the poor and homeless where they are. In the gutters, in the motel room, under the bridge, at the soup kitchen; that’s where you will find Mean Street Ministry. Going where they are, meeting them in the depths of their despair, that’s what Mean Street is about, or you could say that’s who we are; just as Jesus Christ did, we go where they are.


Street Outreach
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Client Services

If you or your family are battling, poverty, addiction, homelessness, hunger, incarceration, etc. please make an appointment to set up an interview to see how we can assist you.



What We Do


A collaborative mentoring program. This program focuses on meeting people where they are and walking alongside them in their journey. We help support them and their family through the transitions happening in their lives. Our system is built on biblical morals; creating a support system that is positive, loving, and focused on maintaining healthy habits and accomplishing set goals. Things to consider before committing:

  • 10/10 Investment program.  10 month commitment with a monthly financial incentive provided.
  • Bi-monthly contact with your mentor is required.
  • Honest and up-front relationships.
  • Life skills training required.
  • Completion of a budget.
  • Additional involvement may be requested, based on your current situation.
  • Personal and program goals will be set and worked on.

Street Outreach

Monday and Tuesday evenings we venture and reach out to the individuals that are broken on the streets, living in motels. Often they are trying to pull their lives together, holding on to what they do have, and are looking for something more. Come be the hands and feet of Christ as we reach out to those who need a hand, someone to listen to and pray with them.

  • Monday Nights: East Colfax
    • Meet us at 6:00pm at 900 Potomac (Behind the Spaulding Rehab Center)
  • Tuesday Nights: West Colfax
    • Meet us at 6:00pm at Mean Street Ministry at 1380 Ammons St – in the New Life in Christ parking lot.
  • Matthew 25:35-40
  • If you would like more information please contact Todd Graber at: 303-232-2500 or todd@meanstreetministry.org

Food Bank & Cafe

Mean Street Ministry’s Food bank feeds many with in the community in and around the Denver Metro Area. The food bank works in response to our other programs as well. No one should go hungry.

  • Denver Metro Area
  • New Life in Christ Church
  • Summer Camp
  • Sojourners

“When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter ‘Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?’ ‘Yes, Lord,’ he said, ‘you know I that I love you.’ Jesus said, ‘Feed my lambs.’’ (John 21:15 NIV)

We are to feed God’s lambs. This does not only mean that we should feed them physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. The food bank takes care of the individual’s physical hunger. Partnering with Mean Street Ministry’s other programs helps provide total care for anyone who comes for help.

Not only do we provide food, we are able to provide selected meals and recipes. This supplies families and individuals with healthy, nutritious means; encouraging a healthy life. The Café is open late October until late April, providing nutritional meals for those who stop by. Stop by for a bite.

  • Food Bank & Miss Betty’s Cafe hours:   9 am–2 pm Mon, Wed & Thur, 12-2 pm Tue, 12:30-1 pm Sun, closed Fri.

Severe Weather Family Shelter

For years we’ve been issuing vouchers for families on the coldest nights in Lakewood, but the only place we had to send them was the dangerous, expensive and run-down motels on Colfax.  The Severe Weather Family Shelter is our answer to this.  Based on the Severe Weather Shelter for those without children, this program will provide a safe, warm place for families to stay.  You can read more at their facebook page and their website (coming soon).

The New Homeless

Homeless man, homeless lady… when you hear those words what images pop into your head? If you are like most people you immediately picture a dirty, drunk person begging for money on the street corner or passed out under a bridge somewhere.

Would it surprise you to know that there are about 23,000 homeless children in Colorado who attend schools, in addition to homeless preschoolers and babies. This is a much more hidden and invisible population the general public may not even see or consider to be homeless because they are not on a street corner like a single homeless adult.

We at Mean Street recognize them and we know that this number has tripled in a decade, with most homeless families living in campgrounds, shelters or cheap motels, or doubling up with another family.  In the gutters, in the motel room, under the bridge, at the bus stop, in the park, at the soup kitchen; that’s where you will find Mean Street Ministry and we have seen the changing face of the homeless.

Relationships built... Lives changed!

Isn't it awesome? ...and these are only a few of our stories.

Events / Important Dates

Join us for some of our upcoming events.

November 24- Turkey Give A Way
December 12- Christmas on Colfax

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Turkey Give-a-Way

Tuesday, November 24th, 4:00-7:00 – Our Office

We are giving away Thanksgiving dinners complete with a frozen turkey for families in need. This is a ministry that we have been doing in partnership with New Life in Christ Church for many years.

Christmas on Colfax

Saturday, December 12th

Our annual Christmas Party is a great time. Some of the highlights from last year were a hay ride, magician, a great meal and presents for the kids. This year will be a little different, but word is the hay ride will be back along with the presents and food.
If you’re interested in helping us with this fun family event please use the “Get in Touch” form below.

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